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About Sewing & Sewing-Related Arts...
 by Georgia Stigall of Coastal Seams

Sewing is alive & well!  Contrary to the myth that "sewing is a dying art", it's actually gaining (even more) popularity throughout the world across age groups and both genders for a large variety of reasons (of course for many people it's always been a favorite activity!) Further, in many locations throughout the world, sewing is a critical income-generating skill for families.  

While sewing has historically largely been a "quiet art", it's increasingly becoming an "outspoken art" .... as more people are able to share their interests, talent, projects, assistance, questions and businesses using the Internet; as well as by joining and participating in sewing and fiber arts organizations and groups. 

Sewing & Quilt Shows are very popular, as are numerous sewing & fiber arts videos and television programs. 

As with most professions and hobbies (and art forms), there are many types of sewing ... including but not limited to garment construction, surface design, traditional quilts, art quilts, alterations, repairs & mending, re-purposing (a relatively new term for a centuries-long practice of reusing fabric once the original purpose is no longer useful), craft & gift making, custom & bridal dressmaking, fashion and couture sewing, embellishing "off the rack" items and much more.

Sewing and the ability to sew - whether by hand or by machine - truly has "something for everyone"; from simple to complicated and using machines run by human-powered treadle or by computer, and everything in between.

If you have any any interest at all in sewing, I encourage you to follow it and see where it takes you - you won't regret it!

"If I have to spend time indoors ... I can only hope there is a sewing machine in the room" -Georgia Stigall

Contact information for Georgia & Coastal Seams:

Phone:    650-941-1068
Email:    CoastalSeams (at) yahoo (dot) com   [with no spaces]
Postal:    Georgia Stigall, Coastal Seams, 17287 Skyline Blvd #102, Woodside CA 94062-3780